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Parish Councils

At St. Bernard's, we have many opportunities and needs for you to share of your time and talent. Groups, councils and committees have needs ranging from stuffing envelopes, baking, administration, marketing, finance, general labor, carpentry, cleaning, and the list goes on and on. If you do not see a specific type of service you would like to be involved in, please contact us and we will be happy to sit down with you and find a great fit. If God is placing it on your heart to get involved, we want you involved, too!

Finance Council Members:

Brenda Bruggeman, Trustee, Tim Benedict, Trustee, Kathy Casavan, Jim Retka, Mark Thune, Kevin Yaggie, & Fr. Richard Lambert

Building & Grounds Committee Members:

Mitch Hoard, Bernie Huot, Logan Kalinowski, Joan Lubitz, Ed Mooney, Mike Wavra  & Fr. Rick Lambert

Faith Formation Committee Members:

Michelle Johnson, Jennifer Knott, Cheryl Wellman, Liz Wavra, Elvera Cullen, Laura Williams, Laura Brickson, Misty Mehrkens, Margaret Rasmussen, & Fr. Rick Lambert

School Advisory Council Members:

Alex Yaggie, Marie Blomker, Gabe Carlson, DeeAnn Erickson, Kenny Geiser, Natasha Hadland, Jenny Restad, Becky Philipp, Michelle Duffy, Kristen Haase, Laura Brickson & Fr. Richard Lambert

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