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St. Bernard's
Pastoral Council Candidates

The Pastoral Council advises the pastor regarding the ministries of the Word, Worship, and Service. They help to form the vision of the parish as a whole. Six parishioners will be elected to the St. Bernard's Pastoral Council.  Fr. Craig Vasek will then appoint up to three more people to be on the council through discernment and consultation with the parish staff and finance council. We will want to see a diverse and representative council to serve the needs of the parish and community.

Please enjoy getting to know our candidates and select one to six of whom you feel would be a good fit for the Pastoral Council.  Use the following link to submit one ballot per voter.  

The voting will be available from August 19th through August 27th.  Thank you!

Norm Betland

Hi, my name is Norm Betland and I have been a member at St. Bernard's for 2 years.  I am currently involved with helping to reform and expand the Altar Server ministry in the parish, as well as serving as a Sacristan. I love the liturgy and seeing it done well in order to bring people to a deeper conversion and encounter with Christ in the awesome gift of his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament.

Norm Betland.jpg

Carl Bruzek

My name is Carl Bruzek. I have been a member of St. Bernard's for 46 years. I am involved with Knights of Columbus as the Financial Secretary, 4th Degree Knight, and previously a Grand Knight. I also serve in hospitality (usher) at Mass, and help with the Fish Frys. I would love to get involved in more prolife activities.

Carl Bruzek.png

Robert Buresh

My name is Robert Buresh and I am a member of this Parish for 19 years. I am active with the Knights of Columbus in various activities and programs. Have worked with the school and RE to coordinate activities for the enrolled youth. Currently help our parish as a Sacristan, Ministry Captain, Tech minister and Eucharistic minister.

Robert Buresh.jpg

Rob Burkel

Hello, my name is Rob Burkel. I have been a member of St. Bernard’s for 29 years. My lovely wife, Shelly, is a teacher at St. Bernard’s school and two of our sons are alumni. Both Shelly and I are part of music ministry at St. Bernard’s and I am a lector as well. Liturgy of the Word and Music Ministry are something I love about St. Bernard’s and I want to see them continue to grow.  I also enjoy the community of our parish. 

Rob Burkel.jpg
Kadie and Mark_edited.jpg

Kadie Christiansen

My name is Kadie Christiansen, and I would love to help and support Father Vasek grow the Kingdom of Christ and help gather the 13,658 souls into our St. Bernard's family. Viva Christo Rey!" 

Kadie and Mark_edited.jpg

Mark Christiansen

My name is Mark Christiansen, and I would love to help and support Father Vasek grow the Kingdom of Christ and help gather the 13,658 souls into our St. Bernard's family. Viva Christo Rey!" 

Pinky DeHaan.jpg

Pinky DeHaan

I'm Pinky DeHaan, I have been a member of St. Bernard's for 6 years. I am part of the Environment Committee, Minister of Holy Communion, Thursday Adoration, Collection Counter and wash altar linens. All the talents and graces were given by our Lord Jesus Christ and I'm very grateful He gave me the opportunities to share and serve the church which is Jesus. I'm happy that I devoted my self, time, effort and with dignity, to meet wonderful friends.  I believe in God's will, because I entrust everything to Him and He knows what is the best for everyone. 

Michael DeMars.jpg

Michael DeMars

My name is Michael DeMars. I have been a parishioner of St. Bernard’s Church for 29 years. I am involved with Men’s Cursillo, Men’s Prayer Group, and a member of the Eucharistic Revival Team.  I think it’s important to evangelize and bring more men and families into parish life.

Vicky Grove.jpg

Vicky Grove

My name is Vicky Grove. I have been a member of St. Bernard's for 41 years. I have served on a Long Range Planning Committee and taught 6th Grade Religious Education. I have been a cantor at Mass and sang in the choir. I particularly enjoy the music liturgy celebrated at Easter, it helps me understand the true meaning of Holy Week. My husband Bryan & I have established the Grove Family Scholarship for youth of our parish who provide music for Mass at St. Bernards. I would welcome this opportunity to serve on the pastoral council.

Michelle Johnson.jpg

Michelle Johnson

My name is Michelle Johnson and I have been a member of St. Bernard's for  17 years. Currently I am the Faith Formation Board President, member of the Fish Fry Committee, Eucharistic Revival Team, and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.  I am a Senior High Religious Education teacher and also lead a Bible Study. I  have a strong commitment to adoration and my faith. I look forward to serving the parish in any way.

Joan Lubitz.jpg

Joan Lubitz

My name is Joan Lubitz and I have been a lifelong member of St. Bernard's Catholic community. Our children attended the school and I am active with the Buildings and Grounds, Environment, Quilters, and Lector/Commentator groups.  I believe we all have gifts to share, that being involved supports our current community. Engaging,  sustaining, and growing our church family is important to me.

Randy Malo.jpg

Randy Malo

My name is Randy Malo, my wife Mary and I have been members of St. Bernard's for 3 years. I am active in the Knights of Columbus and am currently the Grand Knight, and by being on the parish council I can help the KCs serve Father and the parish better. I would like to see a better communication system adapted to keep parishioners informed. We also have a large Spanish-speaking community in TRF, so there is a need to find ways to include them in the parish.     

Kyle Mehrkens.jpg

Kyle Mehrkens

My name is Kyle Mehrkens, I have been a member of St Bernard's parish for 25 years.  My wife, Misty and I have 4 children and soon our first grandchild.  Over the years, I have been involved in various ministries and activities at St Bernard's. I'm excited about the formation of the pastoral council.  If chosen to serve on the council, I will do my best to help St Bernard's continue to spread the Good News of the Gospel and to "Go make disciples".  Thank you.  

Jacob Rath.jpg

Jacob Rath

My name is Jacob Rath, and I have been a member of St. Bernard’s for 19 years.  I served as the youth minister at St. Bernard’s for 7 years.  I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, Fish Fry Committee, Main Event Planning, fall dinners, school activities, and youth activities.   I enjoy participating in Mass as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Lector, and Commentator.  I am interested in serving on the Parish Council because I deeply admire the dedication and contributions of others that serve the parish, which has had a positive impact on my family.

Steve Rundell.jpg

Steve Rundell

My name is Steve Rundell, and I have been a member of St. Bernard’s for 45 years. I am active in Knights of Columbus, Fish Frys, and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. I have been a lector at Mass and also taught Confirmation.

Tom Schaefer.jpg

Tom Schaefer

My name is Tom Schaefer, I am married to my wife Kari, and I have been a member at St Bernard's for 37 years.  I have been blessed to participate in The Men’s Prayer Group, Cursillo Team,  as a Religious Education Teacher, St. Bernard’s School Board, Diocesan School Board, and Knights of Columbus.  I would like to serve on our Pastoral Council because I want to take part in the Evangelization of the 13,658 people in our community!  Thank you for your consideration.

Lucy Scholin.jpg

Lucy Scholin

Hi, my name is Lucy Scholin.  I have been a member of St Bernard’s for 40 years. I have been active with the fish fry , Adoration, Bible Study, Linen cleaning and Hospitality. I would like to see more parish involvement. We have great talent at St Bernard’s. Love to see the  church packed at Mass. 

Stephen Stone.jpg

Steve Stone

My name is Steve Stone, and I have been a member of St. Bernard's for 29 years. I was active in the Life Teen program working with the youth of the parish. I am also a member of the Fish Fry Committee. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, a past Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and Lector. I am a huge supporter of the school and would consider it an honor to serve on the Pastoral Council.

Tevia Strand.jpg

Tevia Strand

My name is Tevia Strand and I have been a member of St. Bernard's for 34 years.  I grew up in this parish and have served in various ways.  In the past I have taught RE and Sunday school for many years.  I am currently a part of St. Bernard’s youth group team.  I am also a part of SAC which is the student advisory council for St. Bernard’s school.  I have a desire to serve and build on the amazing things that are already happening at the church. 

Darryl Tveitbakk.jpg

Darryl Tveitbakk

My name is Darryl Tveitbakk and I have been a member of St. Bernard’s church for almost 50 years. It has been my privilege to serve as a song leader/cantor.  I also have been involved in the Technology Ministry. I have installed, maintained, and operated the sound system equipment and assisted parish staff in training our Tech Ministers.  I strongly believe in being involved.  I will bring my experience as a power company General Manager/CEO to my service on the new Pastoral Council.  I know how to work as a team and look forward to doing so. Thank you.

Elizabeth Wavra.jpg

Elizabeth Wavra

My name is Elizabeth (Liz)  Wavra. I have been a member of St. Bernard's parish for 16 years. I have been a Sunday School and Confirmation teacher in the past, currently I am spearheading an effort to start a parish practice of the Liturgy of the Hours by leading Lauds on Sunday mornings.  I was gone for a few years as I discerned religious life with the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, MO. I greatly desire to share the gifts that I received there by providing opportunities for this parish to deepen our prayer together and opportunities for a personal encounter with Christ.

Mike Wavra.jpg

Mike Wavra

My name is Mike Wavra and I have been a member of St. Bernard's for 10 years. I am on the Building and Grounds Committee, active in Cursillo movement, Men’s Prayer Group, and the Eucharistic Revival Team. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially my wife Cindi, kids and grandkids. I am honored to be nominated for St. Bernard’s Parish Council.

Stephen Wegscheid.jpg

Stephen Wegscheid

My name is Stephen Wegscheid and I have been part of St. Bernards for 16 years as a long-distance commuter and since 2020, full-time.  I have been involved in the following groups: Men’s Prayer Group, Faith Formation Board, Eucharistic Revival (co-point person), St. Bernard’s Day, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Cursillo, Fish fry & Sunday Brunch, lead Bible Study, Rosary Leader on Sunday before Mass. I would love to see a stronger Catholic community here that is more than just seeing each other on Sunday. St. Bernard’s parish could be the focal point of the community with not only prayer but also to meet and create lasting relationships.

Laura Williams.jpg

Laura Williams

My name is Laura Williams.  I have been a member of St. Bernard's for 25 years.  I serve on Faith Formation Board, Eucharistic Revival team, and I make soup for the Lenten soup suppers.  I would like to see communication improve between the parish groups. I would like to see more activities to strengthen the parish family.

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