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Each year on Holy Saturday 
during the Easter Vigil, 
thousands of men and women
 are received into the Catholic 
Church in the United States. 
Parishes welcome these new 
members through the Rite of
 Christian Initiation of Adults 
(RCIA) and at a liturgy bringing 
men and women into full communion with the Catholic Church. 
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Experience the love of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Faith!

All who are seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith, be received into full communion in the Catholic Church or desiring Baptism as an adult, you are invited to enter into the RCIA journey of faith beginning this fall. Please contact us to answer any questions you may have about this faith-filled adventure.

RCIA Coordinator: Carolyn Holecek (Religious Education Director) - ext. 211 or 681-4191
Learn about the Catholic Faith:
God’s Love and Forgiveness • Sacramental Living • Sacred Scripture
Sacred Tradition • Prayers of the Church • Private Devotions
Learn more about “Sacramental Living”through the Sacraments?
Baptism • Holy Communion • Confirmation • Reconciliation
Anointing of the Sick • Marriage • Holy Orders
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Why are Sacraments so special?
They are vessels instituted by Christ which impart God’s grace through the Church through visible signs and prayer.
They help us in our life-long journey of Faith, wholeness and holiness.
“Revelation of God”? God reveals himself, his love and his plan of salvation through:
 • Sacred Scripture (The Bible) • Sacred Tradition (the teachings of the Catholic Church)
Learn more about the four parts of the “Holy Mass”:
1. The Penitential Rite
2. The Liturgy of the Word
3. The Liturgy of the Eucharist
4. The Rite of Sending
Learn why Catholics genuflect, bow, sit, stand and kneel during the Mass.
Meet Jesus in his true presence in the Eucharist. “Come to the Table of Life”.
Learn about what our response to God’s outpouring of love and grace is as a Catholic.
Learn about and experience some of the prayers of the Catholic Church:
 • The Sign of the Cross
 • The Creed: “I believe…”
 • The Holy Rosary
 • Eucharistic Adoration
 • The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
 • The Stations of the Cross
Learn more about Salvation History: God’s message of Love throughout the Old and New Testaments. 
Learn more about Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus; True God and True Man
Explore the deeper meaning of life in this world and setting our sites on the world to come…Heaven.
Be part of the Body of Christ through the Mysteries of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church through Baptism and/or Full Communion.
Learn more about Sacramentals such as:
 • Holy Water
 • Icons
 • Religious Art
 • The Crucifix
Learn about the Liturgical Year, the Communion of Saints, Feast Days and Holy Days.
Be encouraged in daily devotions, personal prayer, Scripture study, praying the scriptures, using daily Scripture commentaries….
Be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to live faithful, fruitful and fulfilling lives.
Discover some of the answers to the questions of the “Seeker”.
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